Today is our last day in the studio. There remains only three band members here to celebrate the records conclusion. Why you may ask? Did artistic heads butt under the pressure of the studio clock? Was the beauty of British Columbia so much it caused a spiritual awakening in a band member resulting in an exodus to the bush?

Thursday morning at 6am John received a phone call from his wife. Her water had broken. We are proud to say we got him to the airport on time and in one piece, BUT even more proud to announce the birth of a healthy baby girl early friday morning. Cheers to our el capitano, and his new family!

A good omen for our now fully tracked record, that we will be collectively birthing this coming Fall.

2 Responses to Birthing

  1. Bryan Shellito

    When r u coming back to the maritimes. You got me soooo hooked. Such a fantastic sound. The best thing since chia pet.

  2. paul

    natural selection at work… great music takes hard work, talent and intelligence … thanks for everything!