Welcome to the new website!

Hey everybody! Welcome to the new website!

We just completed a grueling ECMA weekend here in our hometown of Charlottetown. We didn’t manage to grab any hardware, but we figured out where the winners are keeping their trophies (which rightly belong to us), and have a plan to steal them post haste. Seriously though, congratulations to all the award winners, and everyone in general on a really successful ECMA. The band did make some exciting headway thanks to the weekend, which we’ll be sharing with you as it develops.

As for now, we’re going to keep our noses to the grindstone¬†and continue pounding out new material. Check back here regularly for updates on new records, new tours, new merch, contests and all sorts of things that are neat.

See you soon friends!


3 Responses to Welcome to the new website!

  1. claire

    im doing a project on you guys and need to know where did you go to universty ?